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Jodi’s Journey to Healthy Skin With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I wanted to use this the opportunity to honor and shine a spotlight on the most amazing woman in my life: my mom, Jodi Keller!  Not only is Jodi my incredible mother, she is also my best friend, biggest supporter, and absolute skincare inspiration. When […]

Mother’s Day Skinspiration – Jodi Keller


It’s the early 90’s and just like many of you, I was hitting the tanning beds, HARD! I was obsessed with having the perfect glow all year round, but never realized how silly and orange I actually looked. I mean who has a tan in the dead of winter in Delaware?! But what I didn’t […]



For many of us, including me, this is an unprecedented time. With the uncertainties of daily life compounding us, it can be an overwhelmingly stressful time—and a little more difficult to find the space for self-love and self-care. But now more than ever we need to take care of ourselves. I’ve been super focused on […]



Is holiday stress getting you down? Are you tired and fatigued? Are you sick frequently or moody? Is memory loss at an all-time high, juggling family, friends, and more? Now is the perfect time to give your brain and body a much-needed boost. B-12 injections, our newest service, can decrease added seasonal stress and be […]



As I start to write this blog, I realize how personally attached and passionate I am about this topic.  I have suffered from EXTREME oil production for most of my life. Therefore, struggling with the ongoing, frustrating results of chronic acne.  Believe me, I sympathize with you and want to provide a bit of education about oily skin and how to […]


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Thanks for finding my blog! My name is Emily Keller Rockwell. I am a board certified independent nurse practitioner, founder, and owner of Emily Rockwell Skin Clinic in Greenville, Delaware, where I was born and raised. I live here with my husband, Richie, who, at first, was my childhood neighbor and friend! My own physical […]

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