Is holiday stress getting you down? Are you tired and fatigued? Are you sick frequently or moody? Is memory loss at an all-time high, juggling family, friends, and more? Now is the perfect time to give your brain and body a much-needed boost. B-12 injections, our newest service, can decrease added seasonal stress and be your newest self-care supplement.

It’s proven to:

increase energy

improve metabolism

assist in weight loss

boost the immune system

help sleeping patterns

increase concentration

stop hair loss and increase hair growth

help your overall mood!

What Is B-12?

I’m sure you’ve heard of B-12, but what is it really? B-12 is a water-soluble vitamin that plays a fundamental part in the body, especially for DNA synthesis, energy production, neurological function, red blood cell formation, and nerve cell health. We normally get Vitamin B-12 through certain food sources, primarily from meat, fish, and dairy. Absorption depends on a protein in the stomach called intrinsic factor, which binds to the vitamin and is absorbed through the blood. However, there are some individuals who don’t produce enough intrinsic factor, therefore leading to a B-12 deficiency. This can be most commonly found in people who have diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders like celiac and Crohn’s disease, history of smoking, and those with limited diets, like vegetarians and vegans. But don’t worry, there is a way to get the nutrients you need from an alternative source.

How Does It Work?  

While adding some extra protein-rich foods to your diet may help increase B-12 levels, a B-12 injection can really ramp up your B-12 levels in a flash! The most common form of Vitamin B-12 is in capsule form.  However, the quickest absorption rate comes from an injection. A quick in and out procedure, B-12 is injected directly into the muscle and absorbed immediately—Who couldn’t use an extra boost?! And what’s more, it’s inexpensive and can be added to any service.  Receiving weekly or monthly injections is an easy way to add this beneficial vitamin to your regular self-care routine.

So Who Is the Right Candidate?

If you feel you may have a B-12 deficiency and struggle with one or all of these symptoms, call my office to schedule an appointment or to add it to your next treatment.

“It’s a quick and easy injection! After two injections of B-12, I noticed the most benefits of being energized, focused, sleeping better, with an improved mood overall!! Love it and want to receive it weekly!!” – A Patient Testimonial.

Whether you need a holiday pick-me-up or a new service to round out your wellness regimen, B-12 injections are the ideal way to get your body back on track for the New Year!

Happy Holidays!

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