By now we have all gotten used to wearing masks, but unfortunately our skin hasn’t. Since COVID-19 began, we have been dealing with mounting stress and 24/7 mask usage. Like many of you, my acne flared.  This has become so common it has been given the name “maskne” (mask acne).  So I began my research and reviewed my ZO daily regimen to see what I could add or change to help my skin adjust to this new skin struggle.  I’m here to say I’m ACNE FREE and wanting to share my solutions with you! 

So What Is Maskne?

Like all acne, oil is the main culprit (for additional information see former blog on Oil Is the Enemy). Hormonal changes and stress can lead to increased production of oil. Maskne (mask acne) happens because oil is being trapped under the mask along with bacteria and sweat. We are wearing masks on a regular basis; oil, sweat, and bacteria get trapped increasing our chances of breaking out. 

While mask wearing may be our new normal, your acne doesn’t have to be. If you are local, come by and pick up your maskne products today. BUY TWO of my acne recommended products below and receive your gift of the Complexion Clearing Masque and headband.  CLICK HERE TO EMAIL US ABOUT OFFER (expires September 1, 2020). If you are out of state, you may email us (using the previous link) and we will ship your products directly to your house (offer not available on our online store).

How Do We Fix It?

  1. Products: By implementing some or all of the following products into your routine, you will notice improvement of your maskne and get your glow back! 
    • Toner Pads: Reassess your toner pads—if you’re on complexion renewal pads, switch to oil control pads. OIL IS THE ENEMY! The more oil control the better!
    • Exfoliation Accelerator: This gentle exfoliator helps increase cell regeneration while soothing and supporting the skin.
    • Enzymatic Peel: For a softer, brighter complexion this peel is for you! Enzymatic Peel smooths uneven, rough texture and improves signs of sun damage. After you apply your toner at night, massage a nickel size portion of this product onto your skin (don’t wash off), then continue with the rest of your evening routine. Don’t let the name scare you, it is an invisible peel! 
    • Complexion Clearing Masque: We love this Sulfur masque! It absorbs oil and clears your pores. At night, wash your face and let the masque sit for 20 minutes, on the whole face.  Then wash off and apply PM products.Also, you can use this overnight, to spot treat pimples.  
    • Acne Control: This spot treating product will help to neutralize bacteria-causing acne, remove impurities, reduce redness, and unclog pores. This product would be used if you are not seeing the desired results from the products above. 
    • Correct and Conceal: A little cover-up goes a long way! Use this product to treat and prevent surface acne as well as long lasting coverage to hide those skin imperfections and blemishes. Use daily! 
  2. Now You Have Two Reasons Not to Touch Your Face: (COVID-19 and Maskne):  It is so hard to keep our hands from picking at our skin and the temptation to pop pimples! But, the more you pick, the more you are creating inflammation and hyperpigmentation. 
  3. Avoid Wearing Makeup: Whenever you can. 
  4. Wear the Right Mask: Our recommended mask is a disposable mask!  We have found that wearing cotton becomes a breeding ground, trapping more sweat, oil and dirt.  Unless you are able to wash this mask in between each use, a clean sterile mask, when tackling Maskne, is preferable.   
  5. Facials: Treating yourself to our signature facial is a great way to keep your maskne at bay. The Red Carpet Facial with Dermaplaning removes the facial hair trapping the impurities and flushes out your pores with citric, lactic, and glycolic acids for a show stopping glow! The BT-Micro is being incorporated when necessary to release congestion and extract those pesky blackheads! Schedule with Kim for the ultimate customized 30 minute lunchtime facial!  
  6. At Home Facial: For our readers from afar, we suggest this at-home facial to rejuvenate and restore your Pre-Covid glow! Step 1 Wash your face with your ZO Cleanser. Step 2 Use your Exfoliating Polish or Dual Action Scrub.Step 3 Apply the Complexion Clearing Masque to the whole face. After 15 minutes, rinse off with water.Step 4 Use Oil Control Pads.Step 5 Apply Enzymatic Peel, massage in thoroughly, and leave on overnight.Step 6 Spot treat with Acne Control or Complexion Clearing Masque.

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