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Here at Emily Rockwell Skin Clinic, we feel so honored when a soon-to-be bride turns to us to help them achieve the best skin of their life for the big day! Since our opening six years ago, we’ve worked with countless brides and have perfected a personalized approach to helping every bride reach their skin […]

Bridal Beauty – Say “I Do” to Gorgeous Skin!

Here at the Emily Rockwell Skin Clinic we take a comprehensive approach to skin health. From medical grade skincare regimens and injectables to advanced facials and now lasers– we have become a healing destination for all skin conditions and needs. Think of us as a boutique concierge skin service that’s here to redefine your skin […]

New Patients Consultations in 2022

One of my favorite things about the holiday season is shopping for loved ones.  Before I begin, I try to reflect on what I know and love about each person on my list. To me, the very best gifts are the ones with a personal touch.  I also try to think about the gifts I’ve […]

Emily’s Holiday Gift Picks

Emily Rockwell, founder of the Emily Rockwell Skin Clinic sits down with the clinic’s Aesthetics Director, Lindsay McConnell, to talk style, inspiration, and the long journey in opening the new space. Tell me about your vision for the new Skin Clinic.  What can your patients expect from the new space? If I were to summarize […]

Come On In: The New Emily Rockwell Skin Clinic

Jodi Keller Photo

Jodi’s Journey to Healthy Skin With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I wanted to use this the opportunity to honor and shine a spotlight on the most amazing woman in my life: my mom, Jodi Keller!  Not only is Jodi my incredible mother, she is also my best friend, biggest supporter, and absolute skincare inspiration. When […]

Mother’s Day Skinspiration – Jodi Keller

Dermaplaning with Kim

Dermaplaning is one of our most popular add-on or stand-alone facial treatments and for good reason! Truth be told, I was not a fan of dermaplaning! It wasn’t until my Medical Aesthetician, Kimberly, joined my team that I was re-introduced to dermaplaning. She asked why we did not offer the service and I explained that in […]

Emily’s Truth + Myth: Dermaplaning Debunked


November is Skin Health Month. So, let’s address where you are in your skincare journey. Are you interested in getting on a consistent daily regimen? Wanting to add some amazing treatments to up your skin goals? Or are you unsure of how to even get started? Well, listen here! My glowing advice –do it all! […]



While the summer may be officially over, your skin and mine are still reeling from the sun’s rays and its effect on our skin. Even though you may not have been basking directly in the sun and you were reapplying your sunscreen as directed, your skin can still use the extra support and a boost […]



It’s the early 90’s and just like many of you, I was hitting the tanning beds, HARD! I was obsessed with having the perfect glow all year round, but never realized how silly and orange I actually looked. I mean who has a tan in the dead of winter in Delaware?! But what I didn’t […]



By now we have all gotten used to wearing masks, but unfortunately our skin hasn’t. Since COVID-19 began, we have been dealing with mounting stress and 24/7 mask usage. Like many of you, my acne flared.  This has become so common it has been given the name “maskne” (mask acne).  So I began my research […]